Understanding Various Techniques of Eliminating Lake Weed in a Pond


Weeds can grow in a pond in a short time. The overgrowth of the lake weed can cause a lot of damage to the natural species in the pond. They choke the vegetation in the lake causing oxygen levels to decline. The pond will start to produce a foul smell when the weeds start to decay. The weeds also affect the beauty of the ecosystem. There are a few things that can be done to eliminate the weeds  as you could see from weedrazers.com.

It is appropriate to prevent the growth of the weeds than allow them to grow and then start fighting them. Weeds are hindered from developing well if the banks are steep. They are unable to reach the water if the slope of the bank is steep. If the bank is shallow, the weeds will get into the lake and multiply. Ensure that the depth of the bank is four feet from the surface of the water. This will help to keep away the weed.

Ensure that you pull the weeds using your hands. This will ensure that the pond maintains its aesthetic value. You should use the under weed cutter to reach the areas where the hands cannot access. These devices are the best for certain troublesome weeds like lilies.

Apply herbicides on the pond. These are substances that will kill the weeds. Ensure that you use organic herbicides that are made from other herbs. If applied well the herbicide can eliminate the weeds to a higher percentage without causing harm to the species found in the pond. Ensure you treat a quarter of the pond per time. Apply the herbicide with care to prevent harming the living organisms found in the water.

Some people also use drawdown method of weed control. This is a technique that works well when it is icy which the case is during winter. During this season there are low water levels which make the weeds exposed. The plants become dehydrated during such a season. The drawdown method helps to prevent the weeds from transporting food within the plant.

The benthic barrier is another method of weed control. The sediments are covered with a dark screen preventing allowing the sun from getting into the pond. Preventing the weeds from accessing the sunlight will make them die as they thrive when there is plenty of sunlight. The best way to deal with weeds that have become established in the deepest parts of the pond and cannot be pulled using hands is by using the bottom screens. Find these tools at weedrazers.com.

For more related information, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETshIqsC4hY .


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